“A truly brilliant guitarist.A truly beautiful performance”
KUNV, Univ. NV Las Vegas
“The man is hot! An acoustic guitar wizard”
Las Vegas Weekly
FOX 5 Good Day Atlanta
“Combines Spanish, Indian and Folk influences to conjure up tranquil, yet engaging New Age music”
Rolling Stone
“Guitar Grace!”
Chicago Tribune
“A six-string symphony. An incredible mix of sounds from flamenco to Arabian melodies pour from Dominic’s guitar”
Princeton Times

“A bold statement equipped with just his acoustic guitar”
20th Century Guitar Magazine

“An extremely talented musician with a very unique sound”
The Michigan Journal

“Every song overflows with texture, ingenuity and superb craftsmanship reminiscent of Michael hedges and Steve Stevens”
The Voice

“A master musician”
SENA Foundation

“A dynamic traveling CD…an epic…invigorating!”
KMUD Radio, Redway , CA

“The event of the year.”
Eastern OR. University

“An amazing musician, everyone in attendance enjoyed themselves immensely!”
Northwestern University

“The speed of his playing is impressive to say the least, downright exciting!”
Clint Gaige Gods of Music

“His compositions come roaring out of the speakers with brilliant clarity and you find yourself intricately woven into the song’s melodic message”
Guitar Nine Records

“The guitar has never sounded so good! Flawless talent streams by in emotional surges…hear things on the guitar you never before thought were possible”
Songwriters Monthly Magazine

“Dominic can play things with an acoustic 12-string that few electric rockers could dream of”
Creative Loafing

“The pure musicianship and intensity of the songwriting will keep you happily enthralled”
Music Morsels Magazine

“A sensation whose sound cuts across many musical styles and beats”
Omaha World Herald

“There’s no one who plays like him! Gaudious’ style is one of a kind – extraordinary technique in cutting edge music”
Lincoln Journal Star

“Just Amazing! All of you guitarists out there, or guitar fans, check this guy out”
Music Forum Magazine

“One of the most innovative and melodic instrumentalist around”
WZRD Radio, Chicago , IL

“Indescribably rich notes, complicated arrangements and original compositions.”
Colorado Springs Independent

“His songs range from soothing lullabies to exotic rhapsodies”
The Clipper

“The pure musicianship and intensity of the songwriting will keep you happily enthralled.”
Music Morsels Magazine

“Arguably the best guitarist of his generation! This guy will blow you away! If you’ve seen him play you understand, if you haven’t you will!”
WQTS Online Radio

“Dominic has something special coming through his hands and it is a thrill to hear it.”
WDVR The Sound Alternative

“He was great – excellent to work with. I’ve never seen people buy CD’s so quickly at our school. Very enjoyable!”
University of Michigan/Dearborn

“In a word – fabulous! He’s incredibly talented and people said so many good things about him. He was very personable and easy to work with. He was worth every penny and then some. Excellent performance.”
Eastern Mennonite University

“Excellent! One of the best performers we’ve ever hosted – not only because of his talent, but also because of his personality. He was an absolute delight to work with. Great show!”
College Misericordia

“The intensity, insight and versatility of his music and playing held us captive long after the show was over”
Everett College

“Thanks again for a great show at SCAD. The Rising Star students really enjoyed the show and are still talking about you! I would love to have you back”
Savannah College of Art and Design

“Dominic is an excellent performer. His charismatic personality combined with his phenomenal guitar skills made this an unforgettable performance. People will be talking about this performance on our campus for weeksand months to come.”
Indiana University South Bend

“He put on an incredible show! Students from all backgrounds came together to enjoy the music. Wonderful performer to work with and we can’t wait to have him!”
Elgin Community College , IL

“The students at Columbia are pretty music savvy – it was great fun to watch such devotion and rapt attention as you played yesterday. It is always a powerful thing to witness art actually impacting fellow artists in the moment. Thanks for your inspiring performance”
Columbia College Chicago

“It is a pleasure to work with an artist that is not only talented but is professional in his business dealings and a genuinely nice guy. Your music created a relaxing ambiance for our lunch time crowd. I received many compliments for your music as well as on my selection of you, as our featured performer”
Mercer University, Atlanta

“His style is unique and a joy to experience. Mr. Gaudious is a delight to work with and would be a welcome addition to any Arts program as he features innovative guitar, both New Age and Folk, coupled with World sounds realized from the Didgeridoo. He exceeded all expectations and we will look forward to his return in the near future”
Waycross College

“Dominic’s performance was stirring. His merge of traditional, new age and personal guitar style fashion a brilliant auditory expedition. It was a pleasure doing business with someone who is both talented and professional. He is always welcome at SGC!”
South GA College

“Your music is beautiful, enchanting, uplifting, and heartfelt. You are genuinely a gifted and talented guitarist. I truly see you as being one of the greatest guitarists of all time”
Morehouse College

“Thank you for a fantastic event! In all my years of producing student events on colleges and universities, I have never enjoyed a live performance as much as I did yours. Prom dresses UK The students that make up the college’s percussion band were impressed with the skill you possess playing the guitar and they were happy to get the opportunity to play on stage with a performer of your caliber. On behalf of the students, faculty and staff of Middle Georgia College, thank you for putting on an excellent performance. I look forward to bringing you back so more of my students can enjoy your unique guitar style and mellifluous sounds”
Middle GA College

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